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How Office Managers are Battling Data Demons on Construction Projects

Office Manager vs. Data Demons

In this episode our favorite Office Manager must take on the Data Demon and stop the cost overrun hemorrhage from a mountain of paperwork and missing information.   

If you are tracking construction projects primarily with pen, paper, and excel, you are not alone. Many construction companies often resort to this tried and true method. In this episode, Office Manager battles the Data Demon and find it challenging to keep everything together and functioning smoothly. With the current increase in construction activity, growing a construction company to meet the increased project demand is a serious challenge without the strategic implementation of technology that enables fewer workers to get more done. With today’s labor shortage in construction, the only way to get more done is to figure out how to work smarter and more efficient. Technology, such as CrewBuilder or others, can enable a construction company to scale with demand with fewer people. 

I’ve heard from some that they are just too busy to “work on their business” and make process improvements and implement technologies that increase productivity. We are reaching the point with demand where companies can’t keep up even with late nights and overtime pay as the new normal. If you don’t implement digital tools and streamlined processes, your business will suffer from lost deadlines, higher employee turnover, increased safety incidents, and lower margins.

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